Daily data for the five weeks of cycling

BikingAlanNot the most thrilling stuff but thought I’d include nonetheless.

Excel.xls spreadsheet here.

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Day thirty two: awaiting the broom wagon

The support crew arrives tomorrow. As this means the bike will be relegated to the garage for a week, thought I’d take the poor old horse on a sight-seeing trip. So …

Bike at St Peters.


And at the Colosseum.


And at some old gate.


And at some ill-maintained stonework.



And before a big white thing.


And at the Trevi Fountain.


And on a bridge.


And doing 13.xx miles to round up to 1,200 for the trip.


And left at the hotel while I have another litre-o-beer.


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Day thirty one v2.0: the whole route map


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Day thirty one: Sutri to Rome

Quick post with map. Photos tomorrow I hope.

I have expressed views on Italian mappists before. Grrrrrrrrr. Twenty miles on dual carriageway. No hard shoulder. Does it have to be like this????

But actually, once a couple of long uphill drags done, a very easy run into Rome. And then supposedly easy run along Tiber. Aye right. But … not dead yet and I’m here!

Yes, had a crazed “Dual” (is this the right film?) battle with the driver of the number 223; isn’t that quite common though. And once into town it is a little frenzied; again, not unexpected.

So here we are. 1,189.5 miles completed. One thousand one hundred and eighty nine. And a half. Who’d have thought it?


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Day thirty one: I’m in ROME!

I’ve made it here. In only 31 days of cycling. Hurrah!!!

Detailed map, pictures, post etc to follow.

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Day thirty: Bolsena to Sutri

Very short post, no wifi and data very shaky.

39.7 miles to Sutri, a small town at kilometre 50-odd; almost at Rome … .

Quite a pleasant run down, bit of headwind and bit of unexpected hilliness. All in all rather enjoyable. Probably come too far today in truth, only need to be in Rome on Friday and extra days there, though no doubt rewarding, will be four- or five-times the price of humbler stables. But rather short of hotels until mile 25 (which seemed too soon) and nothing thereafter till now. So here we are.

Not sure what to do tomorrow. Could go into Rome and find a hovel. More thinking of skirting Rome and going down to eg Ostia or some outlying part for a day’s rest up. Hmm.

I conclude with a couple of phone conversations from this morning:

1. “Mr Stalker it’s the yacht club, your boat broke free from mooring and is lying on club slip. Could you come down?”. “No, in Italy, I will try to arrange a salvage team.”. [Unworthy thoughts: if it’s that bad, insurance will buy me a new boat!]
A few minutes later
2. “Mr Stalker, yacht club again, mistaken identity, not your boat at all.” [Unworthy thoughts: grrr.]


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Day thirty: en route

Quick pizza and laundry stop in Viterbo. I’m finally getting the hang of this itinerant thing in my last days.

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